About our technology

The Challenge

Many new imaging and optical sensor applications, which are now in the stage of being deployed into mass applications like TOF, LiDAR or spectroscopy, suffer from very poor NIR sensitivity and non-existent or limited charge handling capacity as well as imaging speed. TOF and LiDAR applications need time resolving capabilities as fast as 100ps with very high sensitivity in the NIR domain. Our technology with a QE of more than 70% at 905nm, and the capacity to measure distance, even at a ratio of 1 to 1,000 between modulated and ambient light, allows best-in-class imaging in this specific application domain.

The Solution: OHC15L™

ESPROS Photonics OHC15L

The cornerstones of the novel OHC15L™ imager technology are an unparalleled Ambient Light Suppression capacity, an unprecedented sensitivity in the NIR (>70% @ 905nm), CCD’s with a CTE of 0.99999 at a transfer speed of more than 250MHz, all combined with powerful mixed signal CMOS and in a cost effective package.

ESPROS Photonics OHC15L

The Results


Extremely high QE over a very wide wavelength range allow applications which have a demand of sensitivity in the UV, VIS and NIR.

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