time of flight market automotive

Products and Technology Capabilities

  • Long range LiDAR: pTOF>250 m
  • High resolution: better than 0.1°
  • High frame rate: more than hundreds of frames per second
  • High sensitivity at full sunlight and night
  • QE>70% at 905nm


  • Long range LiDAR ADAS solutions at full sunlight
  • Mid range/high resolution or object classification
  • Night vision
  • In-cabin monitoring
  • Gesture control
  • Face ID
  • 360° surround view
  • Driver/passenger behavior monitoring

Mobile and Robotics

tie of flight for robotics

Product and Technology Capabilities

  • cwTOF
Low power
  • Flash and scanning
  • SLAM


  • Obstacle collision avoidance
  • Step sensing
  • Face ID
  • Landing and constant height hover control
  • Auto-focus for built in camera
  • Hospitality and retail robots
  • Household robots
  • Consumer and 
security drones
  • Delivery robots and drones

Industrial and Building Automation

Drawing of an elevator and a machine

Product and Technology Capabilities

  • cwTOF
  • CCD technology
  • Imaging with up to 20 Mfps
  • Very high near infrared sensitivity
  • High sensitive photodiode amplifiers
  • Low cost photodiode arrays


  • Rotary and linear encoder
  • Triangulation
  • Surface scan
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • TDI imaging
  • High accuracy 
spectral sensing
  • Automatic door sensors
  • Elevator door sensors
  • ATM face Id.
  • People counting

Consumer Electronics

Hand holding a phone

Product and Technology Capabilities

  • cwTOF with 100 % fill factor
  • Low power
  • High sensitivity
  • Low cost spectral sensing


  • Miniature spectral sensor
  • Smart watch sensing
  • VR/AR TOF solutions
  • Gesture control TOF
  • 3D room scan

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