TOF applications

There are many applications where our technology makes the difference and gives your an unique selling point and a competitive advantage.

time of flight market automotive
Mobile Robotics
tie of flight for robotics
Industrial and Building Automation
time of flight for building and automation market
Consumer Electronics
time of flight for consumer electronics market
Product and Technology Capabilities• Long range LiDAR: pTOF>250 m
• High resolution: better than 0.1°
• High frame rate: more than hundreds of frames per second
• High sensitivity at full sunlight and night
• QE>70% at 905nm
• cwTOF
• Low power
• Flash and scanning
• cwTOF
• CCD technology
• Imaging with up to 20 Mfps
• Very high near infrared sensitivity
• High sensitive photodiode amplifiers
• Low cost photodiode arrays
• cwTOF with 100 % fill factor
• Low power
• High sensitivity
• Low cost spectral sensing
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• Long range LiDAR ADAS solutions at full sunlight
• Mid range/high resolution or object classification
• Night vision
• In-cabin monitoring
• Gesture control
• Face Id.
• 360° surround view
• Driver/passenger behavior monitoring
• Obstacle collision avoidance
• Step sensing
• Face ID
• Landing and cons- tant height hover control
• Auto-focus for built in camera
• Hospitality and retail robots
• Household robots
• Consumer and
security drones
• Delivery robots and drones
• Rotary and linear encoder
• Triangulation
• Surface scan
• Hyperspectral imaging
• TDI imaging
• High accuracy
spectral sensing
• Automatic door sensors
• Elevator door sensors
• ATM face Id.
• People counting
• Miniature spectral sensor
• Smart watch sensing
• VR/AR TOF solutions
• Gesture control TOF
• 3D room scan

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