Time-of-flight (TOF)

Time-of-flight done right by ESPROS

Talk to the experts at ESPROS. Very versatile and ultra-precise and reliable Time-of-flight technology is revolutionizing how a new generation of TOF camera sensors detects and deals with people and objects. Monitoring and safeguarding. Indoor and outdoor, all day and all night.TOF cameras offer much higher spatial resolution than radar, ultrasonic sensors or stereo cams and are very cost efficient requiring low power.

Time-of-flight products for civil applications began to emerge around 2000 as the semiconductor processes became fast enough for such devices.

Operating ranges vary from a few centimeters up to several kilometers. Distance resolution is from sub-millimeter to tens of centimeters. Another key advantage of Time-of-flight technology is that the lateral resolution of time-of-flight cameras is generally low compared to standard 2D video cameras with most commercially available devices at 320 x 240 pixels or less.

Compared to 3D laser scanning methods for capturing 3D images, TOF cameras operate very quickly, providing up to 250 images per second or more.

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