Radically new approach

We take a radically new approach to optical detector manufacturing. A backside illuminated concept with thick substrates delivers outstanding optical performance far into the near infrared range. But much more, it seamlessly merges the two worlds of CCD and CMOS. On top we have taken wafer level chips scale packaging one step further to deliver the most simple and cost efficient packaging solution for our chips.


Driving assistance
Robotic cars
Airbag deployment
Transport robots
Patient robots
Gesture control
Robot vacuums
Fill level monitors
Drone control



Based on these cornerstones, ESPROS Photonics provides a complete service portfolio for mixed-signal IC design and manufacturing. We can tailor our services exactly to your needs. Our technology specialists support you in in all aspects of IC development and our operations department is the ideal partner to make your IC come alive. Contact us and find out what we can do for you.