Controller / FPGA – TOF ECO System

Controller / FPGA

A TOF imager chip generates a high data volume. For example, a QVGA TOF imager, running at 50 frames per second (fps) and 12 bit resolution generates 230 Mbps of data. This data needs to be processed. So, the MCU/FPGA needs to be fast enough.
In addition, the RAM of the MCU/FPGA has to be large enough to store typically 10 frames. In the case of a QVGA imager, one frame is approx. 150kByte of data. Thus, 1.5MByte of RAM is needed just for the storage of the image data operation.
In addition, calibration data has to be stored in a quickly accessible ROM, typically a Flash memory. If every pixel needs an 8 bit calibration value every 30sm of operating distance, a camera with a 15m operating range needs 4 MByte of quickly accessible flash.

Rules of thumb:

  • Does my MCU have enough fast accessible RAM and ROM?
  • Is my MCU/FPGA fast enough to operate at the required frame rate?