epc901 meets FAGOR’s need for speed

epc901 meets FAGOR’s need for speed

The high speed operation and reliable accuracy of the epc901 made it the clear choice for Fagor Automation’s high accuracy safety and angular encoders.
ESPROS has enjoyed a successful partnership with Fagor since 2016. They initially used earlier photo diode models before switching to the more powerful epc901.

For 45 years, Fagor Automation has been a leading provider for automation products, controls, motors, drives including high accuracy linear and angular encoders. FAGOR’s new generation Series3 functional safety encoders is packed with new features ensuring each product is ‘connected, robust and precise’.

“The main reason we use the epc901 is the high speed operation capabilities of this sensor. This is especially important on some of the open type angular encoder series,” explains Fagor’s Feedback Systems – Research and Development Director José Emilio Oti. He adds: “The epc901 lies at the heart of many of Fagor encoders, as well as the Series 3 functional safety encoders. Our very positive experience with the earlier epc products, meant that we were very interested in using ESPROS’ latest line imagers. Our partnership successfully matches our half century of experience with ESPROS’ sensor innovation.”

The epc901 is a small footprint and very thin line imager chip. It is designed to fulfill the need of very low optical cross-talk in encoder sensors because the encoder code wheel or ruler can be placed as close as 50μm above the optical sensitive part of the imager.

This is possible due to its backside illuminated imaging technology (BSI). Standard frontside imagers need typically a distance of 10-20 times more and thus have to deal with a high cross-talk. Although, it is a high-performance CCD line sensor capable of storing a total of 4 frames in the frame store elements for ultra high-speed image acquisition of up to 500k lines per second. In the continuous mode, even 44k lines per second are possible.

Features include the following:

  • Very high sensitivity due to 100% fill factor
  • Up to 44 kfps per second with epc901, other models achieve 143 kfps (continuous)
  • Four on-chip memories on-chip allow up to 500 kfps for four images in a row
  • On-chip correlated-double sampling
  • Single-ended or differential analog video output
  • Temperature sensor
  • Ultra small CSP packaging 8.0×1.3×0.23 mm

More information about Fagor Automation can be found here. Information related to the epc901 and its sister products, epc902 .. 905, can be found here.