ESPROS’ epc660 imager proves to be the best for PreActs’s LiDAR sensor

ESPROS’ epc660 imager proves to be the best for PreActs’s LiDAR sensor

PreAct Technologies has cleverly realized the simplicity of greatly improving a LiDAR sensor’s capability using software. This principle lies at the heart its latest Mojave Flash LiDAR sensor. The key component here is ESPROS’ very advanced epc660 chip technology. The epc660‘s incredibly high sensitivity, and unparalleled capacity to operate even in full sunlight, were crucial for its selection by PreAct.

PreAct’s Mojaveᵀᴹ Sensor

PreAct Technologies was the first company to recognize that a new generation of cwTOF LiDAR chips can be modified by software to enable them to operate outdoors in bright sunlight, providing far better performance than existing sensors at similar cost points. PreAct creates true Software Defined Systems (SDS) from the physics level. PreAct is just as committed to cost effectively revolutionizing the sensor industry as ESPROS is.

Our epc660 makes the difference

The performance of ESPROS’ TOF technology compared to other 3D TOF solutions equates to much better data for SLAM and obstacle avoidance for your AMR, AGV and other mobility use cases, even at full 100+ klux ambient light conditions. The Mojave has the same form and fit dimensions as one of the most popular structured light cameras for ease of testing and implementation.


Seeing is believing:

The epc660 offers unbeatable detection performance and reliability, clearly beating the best of the rest on offer. Check out its performance in this comparison video.

PreAct Mojave vs. The leading structured light camera

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