ESPROS’ new TOFcam-635-S

With their new time of flight camera TOFcam-635-S, ESPROS Photonics Corporation fills one more gap in their products range of epc6xy based modules.
With integrated 850nm illumination and an ultra small lens, the epc635 TOF imager chip result in a 125 x 45° gray scale field of view and a 125 x 15° 3D image up to a 5m distance range.

With only 45 x 57 x 25mm the TOFcam-635-S is the most compact sensor in its class. An integrated relay output allows direct on/off control of any motor driven units such as doors or robots. NO/NC output, UART and micro USB interfaces as well as free processor capacity for embedded software ensure maximum flexibility for the implementation of any applications.

With the outstanding quantum efficiency of the epc6xy family the TOFcam-635-S guarantees best robustness even at strong ambient light conditions.
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