‘Everything I learned is directly applicable’: TOF Developer Conference comes to successful conclusion

Yet another TOF Developer Conference came to a successful conclusion recently in San Francisco.
 The developer conference received great reviews from the 17 engineers who participated. ‘I learned from a system perspective how a TOF sensor works. It is an ideal course for people with a basic understanding of TOF sensors’, remarked a senior test engineer, following the conference.
‘I learned the calibration is more important than I expected; with this knowledge, I can avoid further mistakes in my system’, noted a senior engineer. ‘The really great thing is virtually everything I learned is directly applicable’ , commented another senior engineer. ESPROS Photonics founder and CEO, Beat de Coi stated: ‘This last comment is music to my ears. Because TOF technology has so much potential and so many application possibilities, with our developer conference, our mission, is to make participants aware of how to best implement, this potential in a practical and efficient way. And I believe,we have yet again succeeded in doing so’.