Photonics Formulas Booklet – by Beat De Coi

Photonics Formulas Booklet

The photonics engineer must master optics, lighting, high-performance and small- signal electronics, imaging, embedded computing, image processing, thermal behavior, signal processing, functional safety, data management, very high-speed interfaces, understanding of environmental conditions, and mechanical design. However, specific standards such as EMI, EMC, eye safety, functional safety and other aspects should also be part of the expertise. So start early to immerse yourself in this very broad but extremely interesting field.
The successful design of a 3D TOF camera or any photonics based sensor system needs a deep understanding of the underlying optical physics, the behavioral model of the imager used, an excellent understanding of the artifacts, etc. Additionally, thermal management is often times initially overlooked. The challenges of weighting the balance of the maximum amount of active illumination, while keeping the system eye- safe, are critical in a well-designed 3D TOF system. The most important formulas are summarized in the formula booklet.

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