Photonics light curtain, light barrier

Light barriers ranging from millimeters to tens of meters

Light curtains

Smoke detectors

Liquid detectors

epc100 / epc101 – Light-Curtain Device with 2-Wire Bus Interface

The epc100 / epc101 chip set is a general purpose CMOS integrated circuit for light-curtain applications. The epc100 is used on the receiver side (Rx) whereas epc101 is on the emitter side (Tx). Up to 1’023 devices may be connected in series on one bus. Each device can be individually addressed by an epc100 chip which manages the 2-wire bus traffic between the microcontroller and the individual Rx and Tx elements. Programmable fuses i.e. for the address, sensitivity, LED light pulse width, etc. allow to parametrize the device in the final system (OTP memory). Each chip can be put into standby mode with reduced power consumption and the photodiode shorted.
Request the separate datasheets and epc10x Reference Manual for implementation, usage and configuration information.