Photonics Amplifier

Light barriers ranging from millimeters to tens of meters

Light curtains

Smoke detectors

Liquid detectors

Heart beat monitors

epc130 to epc131 – Photo-receiver Amplifier with analog Output
epc134 to epc139 – Photo-receiver Amplifier with digital Output

The epc134 – epc139 family products are monolithic, integrated highly sensitive photodiode amplifiers for light-barrier, light-curtain and similar applications. They amplify current pulses from reverse-biased PIN photodiodes (e.g. epc200, epc3xx) and discriminates the amplified input light pulse before driving the open-drain output stage. The devices are controlled by an internal digital controller which needs no external clock signal. They can be connected in anti-polar mode to the power supply lines for decreasing the wiring effort in matrix operated light-curtain products. The devices are optimized to utilize the minimum count of external components.
The devices allow the design of short to long range light-barriers from a few millimeters up to tens of meters.

epc130 / epc131 are the same devices but with an analog output.