Close up of epc7x




epc700 / epc702 Output-driver, low Side Switch
epc701 / epc703 Output-driver, high Side Switch

The epc70x family products are general purpose CMOS power switches for 24V interfaces. The devices are capable to drive a load of 50mA at 30VDC. If higher driving current is necessary or the output voltage shall be higher than 30VDC, the chips can be used to drive an external power transistor. In this mode of operation also, the external transistor is fully protected against over-current by the driver chip. If the current through the external load exceeds a specified threshold during a time period longer than a predefined time, the output is turned off to protect the output switch. The switch is turned on again after a predefined off-time, thus enabling the load again in a self-healing mechanism. The over-current information is indicated on the STATUS pin. The epc70x family is easy to use and reduces to a minimum the need for external components, thereby saving pcb space and money.