Line sensors – epc902..905 128/256/512 pixel

Photonics line imager epc901
Drawing of epc 901
Close up drawing of epc 901
Drawing of epc 901

epc902..905 CCD line sensor with 128 / 256 / 512 pixel

The epc902..905 (sometimes herein after designated as epc90x) are high-performance CCD line sensor, embedded in a CMOS framework. Thus, they are solid state CCD/CMOS imagers. The epc90x are derivatives of the epc901 line imager chip and offer higher speed and higher sensitivity with one line of 128, 256 or 512 pixels, compared to the epc901 chip. All imagers have in common that they can store a total of up to 4 frames in the frame store for ultra high-speed image acquisition (fast acquisition / slow read out). They all have in common a high performance video amplifier (single ended / differential) analog output for highest SNR. This allows the user to select his interface of choice.