time-of-flight range finder, 8x8 pixel
epc611 – TOF range-finder / 8×8 pixel TOF imager
The epc611 chip is a general-purpose, monolithic, fully integrated photoelectric CMOS device for optical distance measurements and object detection. Its working principle is based on 3D TOF measurement.

The system-on-chip (SOC) contains:

  • A full data acquisition path including the modulation driver for LEDs or laser diodes, the photo-receiver with an 8×8 pixel TOF CCD array, the signal conditioning, the A/D converter and the basic signal processing
  • An on-chip controller managing data acquisition and data communication
  • An SPI interface for the command and data communication
  • A supply-voltage power management unit

Evalkit epc611

The epc611 evaluation kit contains two reference design implementations: The TOF>range 611, which is a single spot range finder module with a range of up to 15m and the TOF>frame 611, which is a tiny 8×8 pixel TOF camera with a FOV of 12° and a range of 2m. The kit also contains an USB interface, which bridges the UART interface of the modules to a standard USB interface of the host computer, as well as software (including source codes). The modules are powered by USB so no additional power supply is needed.

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Picture of epc611 Evaluation Kit