Picture of the TOFcam-611

The TOF-frame 611 is a miniaturized and cost optimized 3D TOF camera. It is based on the ESPROS proprietary time-of-fight technology using the epc611 TOF chip and a small LED to illuminate the scenery. The camera controls the illumination and the imager chip to obtain distance and confidence images. Due to the high performance of the imager chip with its unique ambient light suppression, the camera can be used in outdoor applications at full sunlight. This allows a wide variety of new applications, e.g. for mobile robotics. This very small module is easy to use because it delivers fully calibrated and compensated 3D images. All the complex engineering and time consuming design tasks regarding optics, illumination and signal processing are already solved.

USB-UART adapter

Cable 10 pin; F; JST 1.0mm