Picture of the TOFcam-635

The TOFcam-635 is a new design of a miniaturized and cost optimized 3D camera. It is based on the ESPROS Photonics proprietary time-of-flight technology. The depth camera can take and process more than 10 HDR depth images per second in full resolution. The depth images are compensated against ambient light, temperature and reflectivity of the scene. Thanks to the high performance of the sensor and the unique ambient light suppression, the system can work under full sunlight conditions. The TOFcam-635 outputs depth and greyscale images – giving the possibility for a lot of new applications. This module allows a direct jump into the latest technology of 3D depth sensing. All the complicated tasks around optics, illumination and signal processing are already solved.

USB adapter kit

Cable 10 pin; F-F; JST 1.0mm