TOF>cam 635 – Sunlight tolerant up to 100 kLux

Sargans, Switzerland – July 2019

ESPROS rolled out the first series production modules of the brand new TOF>cam 635, 3D Time-of-Flight camera. The feedback from beta tests was fantastic. This module is based on the ESPROS’ epc635 TOF chip with 160 x 60 pixels and outstanding ambient light suppression. Consequently, this makes this module perfect for outdoor applications. The camera’s firmware controls image acquisition and image processing to provide a calibrated and filtered 3D point cloud. It delivers 3D TOF images as well as grayscale. This combined with sophisticated algorithms allows interference and motion blur detection and suppression.
This is a perfect approach for mobile robotics application supported by the ROS driver included with the product. With an optional USB converter and clever user interface software this camera ensures fast and easy implementation success.
The spatial resolution is designed for applications such as obstacle detection, people counting and many industrial use cases, at an optimised low cost.
The spatial resolution is optimised in order to offer an extremely cost effective solution for applications such as

  • Service robots and AGVs
  • Humanoid robots
  • Robot vacuum cleaners
  • Door control and people counting
  • Drones
  • etc.

ESPROS also offers a full custom module design & manufacturing service.

Media contact
ESPROS Photonics Corporation
St. Gallerstrasse 135, 7320 Sargans
+41 058 411 03 00

TOF application visualisation

TOF>cam 635: Range and Field of View

Drawing of a autonomes delivery robot

Use case Mobile Robotics with TOF>cam 635