Product range extension: line imager epc90x

Product range extension: line imager epc90x

The epc902, epc903, epc904 and epc905 are derived from the very successful epc901 line imager chip and are high-performance CCD line sensors, embedded in a CMOS framework. Thus, they are solid state CCD/ CMOS imagers.
They offer higher speed and higher sensitivity compared to the epc901 chip. All imagers have in common that they can store a total of up to 4 frames in the CCD frame store for ultra high-speed image acquisition.

They all feature a high performance video amplifier (single ended/differential) analog output.

The devices are rich in features:

  • Pixel length of 120μm
  • Gain selectable of 1, 2 or 4
  • Transmission direction l/r and r/l
  • Single- or multi-frame acquisition
  • Backside illuminated CCD array with 100% fill factor
  • On-chip correlated-double sampling (CDS)
  • 5-pin control interface and I2C bus interface
  • Internal clock source, single supply voltage
  • Two on-chip temperature sensors
  • Extremely small CSP package

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