The fabulous performance of ESPROS’ TOF>cam 660

TOF>cam 660 is the latest product we presented for the first time at the CIOE show in Shenzhen. This camera gained a lot of attention due to its long range of more than 10m and its wide field of view of 108 x 77°. The frame rate is up to 40fps thanks to a very powerful processing unit.

The TOF>cam 660 is a cost optimized 3D camera and is based on the ESPROS proprietary TOF technology using the epc660 TOF flagship chip. The depth images are compensated against ambient light, temperature and reflectivity of the scene. Thanks to the high performance of the imager chip with its unique ambient light suppression, the camera can be used in many cases under full sunlight condition.
The TOF>cam 660 outputs depth and grayscale images – allowing a variety of new applications, e.g. for mobile robotics.

This module brings you right in front with the latest technology of 3D depth sensing. All the complex engineering and time consuming design tasks regarding optics, illumination and signal processing are already solved.


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Performance of ESPROS' TOF>cam 660