epc611 in LuminWave’s Micro LiDAR Sensor

LuminWave selects the ESPROS’ epc611 for its LW-FS8864 series of sensors for gesture control for light activation

Specialist LiDAR sensor manufacturer LuminWave has integrated the ESPROS TOF imager epc611 into a miniaturized and cost optimized 3D TOF camera. It’s LW-FS8864 series of sensors can be used for many applications. E.g. for gesture control for light activation, collision avoidance, range measurement, process control, etc. An MCU module, available for these optical sensor chips, can detect simple and complex hand gestures within the most compact, low cost and low power 3D sensors. LuminWave chose the epc611 TOF imager chip because of performance, sensitivity, size, power and cost considerations. LuminWave developed deep learning AI algorithms which are be embedded in the micro module products (FS8864-SMA/SMB).

The products use Class 1 eye-safe 940nm lasers and are suitable to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
LuminWave is a global leading technology company specialized in LiDAR solution.committed to applying emerging Si photonics technology and optoelectronic chips to provide the market with true Solid-state Imaging Grade LiDAR hardware, chips, and AI sensing algorithms to promote the global smart industry upgrade.

The epc611, as the heart of LuminWave’s Micro LiDAR Sensor, is a miniaturized and cost optimized 3D imager chip. It is based on ESPROS’ unique high performance CCD/CMOS technology. Due to the high performance of the imager chip with its unique ambient light suppression, the camera can be used in outdoor applications at full sunlight.
It allows a wide variety of new applications.



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