TOF System

Designing a TOF camera.

Benefit from our expertise and support to successfully design TOF cameras to suit your exact needs

To successfully design TOF cameras, many engineering challenges need to be mastered. The final system is only as reliable as its weakest part: Be it an unstable power supply, or, an imager lens not suited to TOF applications, illumination which does not match the application requirements, or illumination drivers not delivering a stable current for the high frequency modulation, etc.

ESPROS provides design support in every aspect, from electronics and software to optics. Our reference designs are real implementations used in industrial applications. They work under indoor and outdoor conditions. Multi-camera applications are also supported due to a powerful interface detection and suppression algorithm.

Parts included in a proper functioning TOF system are the lenses, illuminationsoftwareTOF imager, LED / laser driverinterfacepower supply and the controller / FPGA.
Various other aspects which have to be considered are the thermal conditions, eye safety, the functional safety, costs and housing.

Photonics and 3D TOF imaging design is a discipline that continues to grow. Elements such as lens design, LED and laser technology, microelectronics, and image processing have been developed and taught for some time.

However, bringing it all together into a working 3D TOF system can create many challenges. The know-how in the design of 2D imaging systems is at an acceptable level. However, when it comes to 3D TOF technology and LiDAR, the challenges facing the engineering community quickly become evident!

The successful design of a 3D TOF camera needs a deep understanding of the underlying optical physics, the behavioral model of the imager used, an excellent understanding of the artifacts, etc. Additionally, thermal management is often times initially overlooked. The challenges of weighing the balance of the maximum amount of active illumination, while keeping the system eye safe, are critical in a well-designed 3D TOF system.