Tiny Open Frame TOF Camera

Tiny Open Frame TOF Camera: ESPROS TOFcam-611

Are you a system integrator? Is your business industrial control, logistics, warehouse automation, mobile and stationary robotics? And are you tired in getting slow frame rate from your SPAD sensor? And even worse, your sensor becomes blind at strong ambient light? Have a closer look at our open frame TOF camera «TOFcam-611»: It is a miniaturized and low cost 3D TOF camera,
based on the ESPROS proprietary time-of-flight technology built around the epc611 TOF chip. A tiny IR LED illuminates the scenery, consuming very low power. Due to the high performance of the imager chip with its unique ambient light suppression, the camera can be used both in- and outdoor. As a result,
distance and confidence images with a rate of up to 80 frames per second are available under full sunlight condition of ≥100kLux. This allows a wide variety of new applications where typical SPAD sensors fail or their performance degrades.

This tiny module is very easy to use because it delivers fully calibrated 3D images. All the complex engineering and time consuming design tasks
regarding optics, illumination and signal processing are already solved.

Customer specific versions are available upon request. Contact ESPROS sales here